The I.T. General, LLC is a Information Technology Service Management company that provides 24×7 managed I.T. services to businesses with 100 employees or less and homes in Metro Detroit.

The I.T. General, LLC provides National and International Information Technology Service Management services through the JustAnswer and Upwork consulting platforms.

Chavez Clemons, Owner of The I.T. General, LLCI am Chavez Clemons Jr., the President and Founder of The I.T. General, LLC. As a veteran I.T. professional I have worked tirelessly for businesses across the Metro Detroit area. As President of The I.T. General, I lead the company towards providing innovative, efficient, and practical solutions. We will guarantee that your computers are covered properly.

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The I.T. General, LLC

4612 24th St

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E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 313-473-9152

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